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This Site deals with the subject of antiperspirants.

On the following pages you will have the opportunity to inform yourself on antiperspirants, their advantages over deodorants and the correct usage of antiperspirants. Furthermore we present you two of the renowned brands focused on the topic of perspiration – a-per© and SweatStop®.






Here are a few impressions of the feedback from SweatStop® and a-per© customers:


SweatStop® Customer, United Kingdom

„Love this product. No afraid to raise my arms no more. Thank you.“

SweatStop® Customer, USA

„…I do always hope i can purchase your product as i would now be lost without it I was also contemplating having surgery to help my problem thanks to you I will not have to now. I have also told so many people your product is amazing and hope I can pass it onto some friends and family who need your product.“


a-per® Customer, United Kingdom

„Thanks to a-per i really used to sweat and now its getting better. the product does what it says.i will recommend this product to friends anytime. thanks once again. i started using this product a week ago and the whole of saturday i did not sweat one bit.“

a-per® Customer, Canada

„Unbelievable. If I had known when I was twenty… You guys should make better advertising.“

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